BBL – Photorejuvenation


Photorejuvenation is an advanced light technology that treats and reverses the effects of photoaging, from brown pigmentation, sun damage, redness, broken blood vessels, and dull skin. The science behind the treatment, broadband light (BBL) induces controlled wounds on the targeted areas, supporting the skin to heal itself by stimulating collagen and elastin fibres for naturally rejuvenated skin.

What to expect

A cool layer of Ultrasound gel is applied prior to your treatment. During your treatment you may feel a snap like a rubber band, which can cause minor discomfort but doesn’t last. Within seven to 10 days, you’ll notice spots darken (can look like coffee grinds) and naturally shed from the skin, while vessels will go away immediately or turn slightly grey and be reabsorbed by the body within 10 to 14 days. Results can be seen with as little as one treatment but we recommend a series of treatments for the best results.


  • Aged & damaged skin
  • Pigmentation (brown spots)
  • Rosacea
  • Broken Vessels
  • Neck & chest, hands