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Kyla Decker

Kyla, our clinical Director has been immersed in the skin care industry for the over 17 years. She has worked closely with Dr. Decker, at their clinic, Renu Laser and Skin. Kyla is an integral part of the studio, bringing in the latest skin care treatments and technologies as well as products to help her clients achieve their skin care goals. Dr. Decker relies on her key eye and expertise in the injection room to ensure each client leaves with the most beautiful, natural-looking result. Kyla’s knowledge and passion of all things skin make her the perfect guide on your skin care journey.

Kylee Weber

Director of Client Services, has owned, conceptualized, and marketed numerous local businesses. Her passion has always been in the beauty realm, including ventures into the bridal and fashion world with a focus on client care and interpersonal relationships. At Rococo, Kylee ensures that you are warmly welcomed, taken care of throughout your visit and will be available for any questions you may have. With a great team behind her, Kylee can’t wait to welcome you to the clinic and align you with one or our great Doctors or technicians