Our goal here at Studio Rococo is to educate all of our clients on proper skin care and skin health. Our team passionately believes education should be a huge part of everyone’s skin care journey. For this reason we have placed a big emphasis on our complimentary in-person consults where we spend a generous amount of time establishing a relationship and partnership with each of our clients. Studio Rococo considers all factors on your skin journey, including lifestyle, budget and long-term skin care goals. 

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During these consults you’ll meet with our experienced staff who will help educate you on treatments that would be beneficial to your skin care needs. You will be able to ask about all things skin; no question is too small. We understand it’s often an intimidating field and are happy to guide you through all the information, pricing and technologies. We want to learn about what your goals are, where you would like to be, and help you establish a path in which you achieve your desired outcomes. We are here FOR YOU on your skin care journey and we absolutely believe your consult is the first step towards in achieving your skin care goals.